Portsmouth Comic Con’s Doctor Who Celebration Gets Even Bigger!

Portsmouth Comic Con’s celebration of 60 years of Doctor Who has reached new stratospheric heights!

As well as a Doctor Who exhibition, we now have THREE Doctor Who stars joining us on the 3rd and 4th of June.

The 5th Doctor, aka Peter Davison, whose other notable work includes  Law & Order: UK, The Last Detective, At Home with the Braithwaites, All Creatures Great and Small and A Very Peculiar Practice.

The 6th Doctor, aka Colin Baker, also known for his role in of the BBC’s most popular programmes: The Brothers.

Peri Brown, aka the brilliant Nicola Bryant appeared as companion to both Peter and Colin’s doctors during the series, and will be appearing alongside them at this year’s event!

As well as offering autograph and selfie opportunities, all three stars will be joining us for an exclusive Doctor Who panel on Sunday 4th of June at 12:15 on the Comic Con main stage. Get your tickets now for the Whovians in your life!