As well as our huge range of traders, guests, panels and workshops – there’s something to keep the whole family entertained at Portsmouth Comic Con! Whether you’re looking for arts and crafts or immersive sci-fi adventures, take a look at what’s in store across the weekend…

strangely marvelous wizarding walk-through

Enter Platform 9¾ and the wizarding world of Harry Potter, visit the home of Stranger Things’ Byers family, and explore the Marvel Universe in a mesmerising experience unlike any other, complete with astonishing photo opportunities and thrilling surprises.

jurassic experience

New in 2023, and returning for our 2024 event – dinosaur devotees and fans of the Jurassic Park film franchise are invited to step inside the park gates to a world of fun and fascination!

star wars experience

In a fully immersive experience, you will be able to explore a galaxy far, far away complete with scene set ups, character interaction, photo opportunities, family craft activities and a live stage featuring a continuous programme of talks, demos and Q&A sessions. 

"fantha tracks" podcast

Get a chance to meet the team of the Fantha Tracks Podcast! Launched in 2017, Fantha Tracks swiftly positioned itself as the go-to hub for daily news. Pulling together a team of experienced Star Wars reporters from around the world, Fantha Tracks aimed to bring the latest breaking film and TV news, collecting news, interviews, reviews and podcasts from across the planet, each and every day. Fantha Trackers have covered numerous events across the planet including Star Wars Celebrations going back to Celebration 3 in 2005, multiple New York Comic Cons, San Diego Comic Con and more.


Meet Geoff Jones and Friends and enjoy their LIVE podcast Make it Better at Portsmouth Comic Con! A comedy interview podcast where guests choose a topic that annoys them, and we talk it through with an aim to make it better. Fun and cathartic, with previous guests having included authors, bands, comedians, directors, singers and Al creators.


A new addition to our 2024 line-up of experiences, we have the exciting and innovative Tech:Truck - the mobile education and technology roadshow! Tech:Truck aims to engage children and young adults with industry-lead, cutting-edge technologies by showcasing the incredible opportunities that engineering careers can offer!

Paint and take workshop

The process of sitting down with a brush, some paint and a blank canvas and leaving with a little piece of art you created, is a magical feeling! In 2024, Everstromn Hobbies will be joining us and giving fans a chance to experience exactly that. Get to paint a miniature mystical figurine and take it home to forever remember this moment.

steampunk society

The Gosport Steampunk Society will return to Portsmouth Comic Con 2024 for more Steampunk activities!

seekers create

Leave your mark on Comic Con by being part of one of Seekers Create's brilliant interactive art experiences. Details coming soon.

Gaming Zones

Our longtime partners DICE Portsmouth and Game Over will be back with a selection of table-topped games and a variety of retro gaming consoles.

speakers corner with express fm

Drop in to our Speakers Corner hosted by Express FM where a continuous programme of guests will give informal insights to the comic industry and behind the scenes of Portsmouth Comic Con. Hear from the Event Producers, special guests and the partners who make Portsmouth Comic Con the event that it is and find out how to make your own cosplay or start your own Podcast. You can also join in on the fun and be part of the audience for Express FM's live Radio show and Podcast recordings. There is plenty of seating so you can take a break and have a bite to eat while listening to some fascinating discussions!

Ghostbusters Celebration

fans of Ghostbusters will be able to see a full-size replica Ecto-1 and a host of props and characters allowing them to relive the 80s cultural phenomenon and the antics of New York’s eccentric ghost catchers.