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2023's Cosplay Parade highlights

Just a snapshot of the creativity on display at our last event! For our full gallery, click here.

cosplay parade faqs

How do I enter?

You can register for 2024's Cosplay Parades on the day - we will do our best to accommodate everyone who wants to participate, but please be aware the Parade can only run for a certain amount of time so places are limited!

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter whether they are a casual cosplayer or part of a professional cosplay group. There will be two separate parades on each day. One for ages 12 and under and one for over 12s.

Where does the parade take place?

Guildhall Square (outside the venue) is being sectioned off for the whole of Portsmouth Comic Con. The below stage will be set up in front of the Guildhall Steps for the parade to take place on.

What time will the parades take place?

Times for the Cosplay Parades will be confirmed soon.

Do I have to pay to enter?

We are happy to make the Cosplay Parade free entry this year to all Comic Con ticket holders!

There area a few rules that we ask people to follow so that all can enjoy this convention:

  • All final decisions on costumes entering the facility shall be at the sole discretion of The Guildhall Trust.
  • Nudity is not permitted; remember this is a family show.
  • No offensive Cosplay. Items with swear words, anti-religious, fascist or racist images are not allowed
  • No inappropriate behaviour or lewd behaviour will be tolerated.
  • Your costume must not be wider than 1.2m across, longer than 1.8m , or taller than 2m
  • You MUST be able to easily manoeuvre your costume over stairs, ramps and through doorways unassisted.
  • You must have unobstructed vision at all times (i.e., must not need to remove a piece of your Costume in order to see).
  • Armor cannot pose a threat to others by way of sharpened metal edges, spikes or bladed
  • Prop weapons and prop firearms will be allowed providing they are composed of foam, plastic or cardboard only. The barrel of all prop firearms must be covered with brightly-coloured caps and have no working ballistics. Bladed weapons must be blunt and not made of , metal, wood or fiberglass
  • No ceramic or Glass props
  • No Laser pointers
  • No firearms of any kind including air guns or cap guns.
  • Any bow-type weapons must be unstrung or strung with a low-tensile thread. All prop arrows must have soft, non-metal, blunted tips made out of foam or cardboard only.
  • You may not include liquids, gels, or other substances which could cause a mess.
  • You may not use smoke effects, fire, explosives, or any other environmental hazard in any capacity.
  • You may display your prop weapons only as costume pieces. Do not swing or brandish your prop in any way that could be considered unsafe or threatening.
  • You may pose with a prop in a brandishing manner, so long as no reasonable person would interpret for anything other than dramatic effect.
  • You are responsible for any items that you bring with you to Portsmouth Comic Con.
  • You are also responsible for your behaviour, any inappropriate behaviour towards PCC staff, traders, special guests or other attendees will not be tolerated and could result in you be escorted from the premises.