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nicola bryant

Nicola Bryant landed the part of the American companion Peri immediately after she finished attending The Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art, in 1983. Cast by John Nathan-Turner she first appeared alongside Peter Davison’s fifth Doctor in the 1984 story Planet of Fire coming face to face with The Master. This was immediately followed by Davison’s final story the The Caves of Androzani, which is always high on the Doctor Who Magazine list of their all time favourite stories. As the then sole companion, Nicola enjoyed playing Peri opposite Colin Baker’s sixth Doctor with whom she battled against Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, The Rani and Sil but most of all she found a dear friend in Colin.

Since leaving Doctor Who, Nicola has worked extensively in theatre up and down the country. In London her work ranges from leading roles in the West End in Killing Jessica at Savoy Theatre, in the award winning Strive at The Duke of York’s, and in Tom Stoppard’s multi award winning Rock ‘n’ Roll. She has also made guest appearances in numerous television shows, most notably as Rowan Atkinson’s niece (Millicent) in Black Adder’s a Christmas Carol and the award winning comedies 10% ers and My Family (twice); as well as spending 3 years playing Martine in the BBC series The Biz

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