Portsmouth Comic Con will be taking place on the 11th and 12th of May at the Portsmouth Guildhall, and this year the convention team is putting on something a little bit extra for budding comic creators.  The Portsmouth Comic Con Talent Search launches today, and is open to anyone attending the event who’s ever wanted to be a comic creator.

‘Since I was old enough to hold a pencil, I’ve always wanted to make comics and I remember how impossible that seemed when I was a kid,’ says Comic Con Artistic Lead David Baillie. ‘One of the best things about comic conventions is that they bring together a whole bunch of people who create comics, all into one place. Any kid walking around Artists Alley will see example after example of people who are making comics, right now, with passion and skill – and doing it really well.’

But even with all these great examples on Artists Alley, we know it can still seem like an impossible goal, hence this new Talent Search. All you need to do to take part is draw a single comic page. The page can be any size. It can contain any number of panels you like (as long as it’s more than one! Two panels is fine – oh and don’t worry if you don’t know what a panel is – it’s the square box in a comic that break up moments of time or actions! Don’t worry, everyone has to start somewhere.)


Absolutely anyone can enter – any age, any level of talent or experience. You just need to get started right now, and make this one page comic!

Portsmouth Comic Con has cemented its reputation as the biggest and best comic event in the south of England, and we have a huge number of local fans who show up every year. So many of them have mentioned to us how they dream of one day writing and drawing comics – so we’re particularly interested in identifying that local talent, and helping them on their next steps.


Anything at all! You could write and draw a comic about you, something that happened to you or something that you have imagined. Real life, fantasy, princesses, mermaids, wizards, robots and superheroes – all are welcome. 

All that we ask is that you do the work yourself (no AI!) and that you enjoy making the comic.


We’re looking for new talent that we can encourage and help, and our prize packages reflect those aims.

Our winners will receive guest passes for themselves, and their friends or family, for next year’s convention (2025) as well as a pile of Portsmouth Comic Con swag, and signed comics from our superstar Artist Alley guests. But most importantly the convention will organise a one-to-one portfolio review with at least one of our expert guests – writers, artists and editors who have worked for Marvel, DC, Lucasfilm and in the Star Wars Universe.

We hope that the advice and guidance you’ll get in these one-to-one meetings will help you figure out your next (or first!) step into this wonderful art form and industry.


Scan, photograph or somehow jpeg up your comics page and send it to [email protected]

Include your name, age and a sentence or two about your entry and yourself.

That’s it!


  1. The entry has to be a single page of comics. No multiple page stories, please.
  2. The page has to contain more than one panel (2 is fine! More is great.)
  3. No AI – this has to be the work of a human being.
  4. The comic can be made using digital or traditional analogue materials – paper, pencils, pens, paint, origami, Photoshop, Procreate, Krita and Clip Studio are all welcome!
  5. The comic must have been written and drawn this year – no old work, please. We want to see your newest, freshest ideas and techniques!
  6. All rights remain with the artist, although we may ask for the work to be reproduced in coverage of the competition, the entrant can refuse, if they wish.
  7. THE DEADLINE is midnight on the 9th of May! (Just before the convention begins.)
  8. Good luck!