2023 art trail

our international initiative for 2023

Portsmouth Comic Con’s International Initiative for 2023 has arrived – and it has arrived in the form of an exhibition showcasing exciting emerging comics talent coming from Japan!

Portsmouth Comic Con has teamed up with Adam Pasion of Nagoya based indie publisher, Big Ugly Robot Press, to bring you five of the most exciting voices in the independent Japanese comic scene featuring author talents that scream individuality.

The art trail will be running from Monday 3rd April – Sunday 16th April throughout the city of Portsmouth on poster sites all around the city before finding a home at Portsmouth Comic Con on Saturday 3rd June – Sunday 4th June.

If you spot one of these wondering art pieces out in the wild, don’t hesitate to share via Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Portsmouth Comic Con presents: The International Art Trail 2023 – Japan!

Featuring the work of: Tomomi Mooney, Victor Edison, Chieko Kobayashi, Michiru Morikawa and Tetsuya Yamamoto.

  1. Avenue de Caen (opposite Palmerston Road)
  2. Entrance to Lumps Fort Car Park
  3. Prom (opposite Royal Beach Hotel)
  4. Prom (Speakers Corner East)
  5. Castle Field
  6. Blue Reef
  7. Opposite Bus Station & Toilets
  8. Pier Road
  9. The Hard
  10. Commercial Road
  1. Victoria Park North
  2. Victoria Park South
  3. Alexandra Park
  4. Cosham Bus Station
  5. College Park
  6. St Mary’s Rec Ground
  7. Goldsmith Avenue (Milton Park)
  8. Milton Road (Milton Park)
  9. Bransbury Park (opposite shops)
  10. Corner of Highland Road & Bristol Road

tomomi mooney

victor edison

chieko kobayashi

michiru morikawa

tetsuya yamamoto

We sat down with two of these new talents to discuss their thoughts on comics:

Tetsuya Yamamoto and Chieko Kobayashi

Q: When did you first discover comics?

Testuya: 日本の喫茶店にはマンガが置いてあることが多いです。家族が喫茶店を経営していました。
Testuya: My family used to run a coffee shop, and like most coffee shops in Japan, we had manga for customers to read.

Chieko: 子供の頃から、気づけば自然に読んでいました。
Chieko: From the time I was a small child, I just sort of started reading them naturally.

Q: Why choose to create comics over other artforms?

Testuya: とてもシンプルな画材で始められるからです
Testuya: The tools you need to start are incredibly basic.

Chieko: 絵とお話が一度に書けておもしろいから
Chieko: I enjoy being able to create the story and the art at the same time.

Q: Do you see a Japanese influence in today’s western/ international comics?

Testuya: ごめんなさい、わかりません!
Testuya: Sorry, I don’t really know.

Chieko: ごめんなさい、わかりません!
Chieko: Sorry, I don’t really know.

Q: What influence do western comics have on Japanese comics?

Testuya: 筋肉をたくさん書く人が増えているかな?
Testuya: I guess there are more people drawing more muscular characters now??

Chieko: 日本以外のマンガをあまり読んでません!
Chieko: I don’t really read any comics other than Japanese manga

Q: What do you think is the most important aspect in creating a comic?

Testuya: 会話を書くことと思います
Testuya: I think writing good dialog is key

Chieko: 創作に没入する時間をつくることと思います
Chieko: Giving yourself enough time to become immersed in its creation

Q: What’s your most recent/ upcoming project?

Testuya: I made a book about Star Wars reimagined by somebody who knows nothing about Star Wars

Chieko: ゲームを題材にしたイラストを描くことが多いです。今は戦国無双がお気に入り。
Chieko: I’ve mostly been drawing illustrations based on games lately. Right now I am really into “Samurai Warriors”

Q: How did you get started creating comics?

Testuya: 小学校のときに、四コママンガを書いたのがはじめだと思います
Testuya: I think my first experience was writing 4 panel gag strips when I was in primary school.

Chieko: 中学校くらいで、ノートにストーリーのラフスケッチをしていました。
Chieko: When I was in junior high school, I started drawing out rough sketches of manga stories

Q: What definition would you give to “Comic Books/ Manga”?

Testuya: ストーリーを感じさせる絵がマンガだと思います
Testuya: I think comics / manga are pictures that evoke a sense of story.

Chieko: 本人がそれをマンガだと思えばいいです!
Chieko: If the creator deems it to be manga, then that is good enough.