Here you’ll find our timetable for a series of panels, hosted by some of the best and most experienced artists and writers in the comic industry. All panels are free to access for Comic Con ticket holders. See the locations of the Panel Rooms in the building here.

Information for Panel Room 3 coming soon.

Panels: Saturday

Panel Room 1

Time Panel Panelists
11am Drawing The Force: Star Wars Comics And Art Russell Walks, Dave Dorman, Chris Weston, Malcolm Tween, Jeff Carlisle (Host: Tim Hayes)
12pm Frankly Speaking: Spotlight on Frank Quitely Host: Joel Meadows
1pm Spotlight On Philip Bond Host: Olly MacNamee
2pm From The Vault: Focus on Ben Templesmith Host: Joel Meadows
3pm A Norse To Be Reckoned With: Spotlight on Walter Simonson Host: Joel Meadows
4pm Comics First Lady: Spotlight On Louise Simonson Host: Jasper Bark
5pm Baroque From Brazil: Rafael Alburquerque Host: Joel Meadows

Panel Room 2

Time Panel Panelists
11am Lording It Over Time: Doctor Who Comics Rob Williams, Cavan Scott and Simon Fraser (Host: John Freeman)
12pm Savage Pencil: Spotlight On Declan Shalvey Host: Andrew Colman
1pm Happy Birthday to The Man of Steel: Superman 80th Anniversary Frank Quitely, Chris Weston, Louise Simonson, Van Norris from University of Portsmouth (Host: Danny Graydon)
2pm The Hands That Moulded Who: Gary Pollard reveals all about three decades of special effects work including Doctor Who Host: Andrew Colman
3pm Pushing The Envelope: 25 Years of Vertigo r.m.Guera, Chris Weston, Rob Williams, Dan Watters, Peter Hogan, Frank Quitely (Host: Tim Pilcher)
4pm Bleeding Cool: IDW Full Bleed and Wood Works with Dirk Wood Host: Tim Hayes
5pm Bringing Out The Best: Working With The Finest Writers In Comics Host: Frank Quitely, Sean Phillips and Laurence Campbell (Host: Olly MacNamee)

Panel Room 3 – University Of Portsmouth Panels

Time Panel Panelists
10.30am From Dennis the Menace to Judge Dredd…and Beyond: Celebrating British Comics John Caro, Van Norris, Rebecca Janicker with Sean Phillips and Ian Edgington)
12pm Short Sharp Shocks: Horror Comics and the Art of Storytelling Emma Austin, Louis Netter, Rebecca Janicker
1.30pm Graphic Histories: Comics and Presenting the Past Erika Hughes, Tom Sykes, Louis Netter, Olly Gruner, Dan McCabe
3pm Drawing the Line: Politics, Satire and Comic Controversies Louis Netter, Tom Sykes, Olly Gruner, Van Norris
4.30pm The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Where does (should) it go after Phase 3? Lincoln Geraghty, Van Norris with students past and present from the University of Portsmouth


Panels: Sunday

Panel Room 1

Time Panel Panelists
11am The Shape Of Cinema: Talking Guillermo del Toro (University of Portsmouth panel) Deborah Shaw, Rebecca Janicker, Paul Charisse
12pm The Knight Of Noir: Sean Phillips: From Hellblazer To Kill Or Be Killed Host: Joel Meadows
1pm Different Voices: The Importance of Diversity in Comics Ram V, Alison Sampson and Shawn Martinbrough (Host: Shelly Bond)
2pm Authoritative Voice: Gene Ha; working with Moore and creating his own comics Host: Jasper Bark
3pm Squires Of Gotham: Drawing Batman Cully Hamner, Ben Templesmith, Shawn Martinbrough and Rafael Albuquerque (Host: Andrew Colman)
4pm Gary Erskine Workshop
5pm Spotlight On Dave Dorman (Host: Joel Meadows)

Panel Room 2

Time Panel Panelists
11am Millar Time: Kingsman comics Rob Williams and Simon Fraser (Host: Joel Meadows)
12pm Winter Is Here: Impact of Game of Thrones Ulrich Zeidler and Louise Simonson
1pm Say Thee Neigh: Randy Stradley Dark Horse Host: Olly Macnamee
2pm Trip Through The Wires: Tripwire 25 years of rubbing people up the wrong way Hosts: Joel Meadows/ Andrew Colman with Olly Macnamee
3pm Her Word Is Her Bond: Shelly Bond IDW Black Crown David Barnett, Philip Bond and Martin Simmonds (Host: Shelly Bond)
4pm Creating New Worlds: Ulrich Ziedler Talks Game of Thrones and Ready Player One Host: Joel Meadows
5pm The State Of The Market: Comic Collector (University of Portsmouth Panel) Simon Hobbs, Lincoln Geraghty, Van Norris, Andrew Colman