Marc Silk

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Voice Artist

Autograph Price: £10

Marc Silk’s voice is heard around the world in Films, TV Shows, Games and Cartoons.

Star Wars: Episode I: working with George Lucas; Marc is the voice of Aks Moe

Danger Mouse: voice of Nero and 30+ other characters

Thunderbirds Are Go: the super cool Captain Rigby

LEGO City mini movies: stacks of characters + voice director

Johnny Bravo: the voice of Johnny Bravo for Cartoon Network UK

Go Jetters: Grandmaster Glitch in CBeebies action-packed, BAFTA nominated show

Scooby-Doo: Marc has voiced the legendary Scooby-Doo & Shaggy for Cartoon Network UK, CITV, commercials, Toys and Games

Pingu: The voice of The Pingu Show

Shane The Chef: Sam Spratt (and others!)

Fifi & The Flowertots:  the voice of Bumble & Slugsy

Strange Hill High: the voice of Matthews, Tyson, Mr Garden and many more!

Roary The Racing Car; performing alongside Peter Kay, Stirling Moss & Murray Walker, Marc is the voice of Flash the rabbit, and race cars Maxi & Drifter.

Marc’s work in games includes; the 2019 worldwide hit Two Point Hospital,

BAFTA award winning Black & White, Overlord, Hogs Of War, Medievil,

Micro Machines World Series, F1 Race Stars, Buzz master quiz, and Chicken Run.

He is the voice director and vocal coach for CITV’s BAFTA award-winning, animated short film series “Share A Story”.

In the world of Star Wars; Marc is part of Topps Star Wars Masterwork line-up,

and recently hosted Symphonic Star Wars at the Royal Albert Hall.

You can follow Marc Silk on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @marcsilk

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