portsmouth comic con guest

sophie aldred

Lots of fans will know Sophie as Ace, Doctor Who number Seven’s feisty companion.

She is also well known for her work on programmes like Jackanory, Words and Pictures, Melvin and Maureens’ Music-a-grams, Corners, Tiny and Crew, ZZZap!

Her extensive voice work includes hundreds of audiobooks of many genres, dramas and animations such as Dennis and Gnasher,
Bananas in Pyjamas, Peter Rabbit, Piku and Tuki and Tree Fu Tom. 

In 2020 Sophie wrote her first novel, At Childhood’s End, which became an Amazon best seller. 

Sophie reprised her role as Ace in The Power of the Doctor, Jodie Whitaker’s farewell story, which was chosen to celebrate the Centenary anniversary of the BBC and transmitted on 23rd October 2022. 

In Autumn 2023 she recorded “Tales of the TARDIS” with Sylvester McCoy for BBC iPlayer as part of Dr Who’s 60th Anniversary.

Autograph: £20
Selfie: £10
Autograph & Selfie: £30