portsmouth comic con guest

laura watton

PinkAppleJam is the online ID of Laura Watton, an illustrator / cartoonist / artist; a name used for various illustration and personal work projects. Laura’s art has been published via Letraset, Sheffield’s Corporation nightclub, Shout Magazine, the UK Japanese Embassy, Tokyopop, NEO Magazine plus other publishers.

Artwork and concept work has also been developed via PinkAppleJam for online games, indie shops, flyers and numerous art projects, and Laura has also hosted talks about making comics and produced a number of comic works, including stories featured in Sweatdrop Studios’ anthologies, Tokyopop’s Rising Stars of Manga UK & IR. Laura’s goal is to continue making indie art projects and comic books, and continues to publish Biomecha, which was one of the UK’s earliest forays into Japanese-inspired indie comics.