portsmouth comic con guest

aaron moran

Saturday Only

Aaron Moran is an English artist and writer. His comic career started when he provided visuals for the British underground scene in publications like ‘Overload’, ‘Disconnected’ and ‘Unseen Shadows’. He made his graphic novel debut as an artist/letterer with ‘Ritual 2: The Resurrection’ (2015) before working on his own material. ‘Flash Blind’ (2018), ‘Whispers: A Book About Mental Health’ (2019) and historical Jack the Ripper horror ‘Bride of the Ripper’ (2019) followed in quick succession and were written, drawn and lettered by Moran. In 2019 he started working with writers again, providing artwork for ‘Cold War’ (2019), ‘Snorp’s Adventure’ (2020) and ‘Snorp and the Great Food Fight’ (2021).

In 2022 Moran adapted his first novel. Giving a fresh take on HG Wells ‘War of the Worlds’. The book has proved popular with readers and critics alike.

Moran has autism and is dyslexic, he is very open about his conditions which give him a unique style that he incorporates into his artwork.

In his spare time Moran plays darts, enjoys retro gaming and watching cult movies.