Marc Silk

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Voice Artist

Autograph Price: £10

Marc Silk’s voice is heard around the world in Films, TV Shows, Games and Cartoons.

His credits include:

Star Wars: Episode I: working with George Lucas; Marc is the voice of Aks Moe

Thunderbirds Are Go: Marc Silk is Captain Rigby – NEW FOR 2018

Go Jetters: Grandmaster Glitch in CBeebies action-packed, BAFTA nominated show

Danger Mouse: voice of Nero and 30+ other characters!

Shane The Chef: the voice of Sam Spratt – NEW FOR 2018

Johnny Bravo: the voice of Johnny Bravo for Cartoon Network UK

Scooby-Doo: Marc has voiced the legendary Scooby-Doo & Shaggy for Cartoon Network UK, CITV, commercials, Toys and Games

Pingu: The voice of The Pingu Show

Fifi & The Flowertots: the voice of Bumble & Slugsy

Strange Hill High: the voice of Matthews, Tyson, Mr Garden and many more!

Roary The Racing Car; performing alongside Peter Kay, Stirling Moss & Murray Walker, Marc is the voice of Flash the rabbit, and race cars Maxi & Drifter.

Marc’s work in games include the BAFTA award winning Black and White, Overlord, Micro Machines World Series, F1 Race Stars, Buzz master quiz, and Chicken Run.

He is the voice director and vocal coach for CITV’s BAFTA award-winning, animated short film series “Share A Story”.

In the world of Star Wars; Marc is part of Topps Star Wars Masterwork line-up, and recently hosted Symphonic Star Wars at the Royal Albert Hall.

You can follow Marc Silk on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @marcsilk

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