Creator Spotlight 2024 – TINI HOWARD

Hi Tini! I keep meaning to ask, will this be your first time in the UK? 
 – Yes it will, and I’m so excited for it. When you and I chatted back at New York Comic Con, I was so thrilled to hear about the comics community in the Portsmouth area, and I’m so thrilled to visit! 

Could you tell our fans a bit about yourself – how did you get started in comics?
Sure! The short version is to the Top Cow Talent Hunt, back in 2014. Their contest asked aspiring writers to write a script within certain parameters, and mine was one of the winning scripts. I got paired with a winning artist, named Aileen Oracion, and we made a comic – one that carried the famous Image logo, that was sold in stores. 
There’s a lot from there . come to my table and ask me about it Portsmouth Comic Con! 
What is it, in particular, about comics that you love?
As a reader? The ways artists and writers can play with pacing and control. As a creator? The collaboration.
You’ve written Captain Britain and Death’s Head – our country’s two biggest Marvel characters! Do you consider yourself a Britophile? I’m guessing like most of us, you read loads of Vertigo by British creators as a teen?
– Oh absolutely, haha. I have to say- having the help of some of your best like Al Ewing and Kieron Gillen made writing these characters without having visited yet much easier! Couldn’t have done it without them answering my little questions and checking my jokes to make sure they’re actually funny to my U.K. fans, haha. 
And yes, I read (past tense and present) oodles of Gaiman, Moore, Morrison, Delano. For artists I’ve loved everyone from Alan Davis to Philip Bond to Tula Lotay.  I’m sure American aanglophiles can be very silly, but if I’m being honest – you’ve all made my favorite music,  many of my favorite comedies, and extremely dry cider. ❤️
You’re now writing Catwoman and Harley Quinn for DC Comics – what’s it like guiding that corner of the DC universe? Is it as much fun as you make it look?
– It’s an absolute blast to work in Gotham City. Is there anywhere more iconic in comics? It’s every city and its own city all at once. Everyone talks about how Gotham is ‘its own character,’ but what’s more interesting to me is the relationship you develop, as a writer, with that city itself. What corners feel like your own, etc. 
What are you working on right now / what do you have coming out this year?
– Right now I’m working on two big comics projects, something exciting and new at DC (that you’ll love if you’ve been enjoying Harley and Cat) and hopefully what is shaping up to be my next creator owned series. And a novel! I’ve got that wild yen. 
What will you have for sale at the show?
Coming from across the pond, it can be a little tough to charge for things without the proper paperwork. I’m planning to have some comics to share at my table, but primarily I’m there to sign books you all bring me, and to talk comics. Bring me your questions and your open mind, and we’ll have a great time. 
And if you want me to sign something that you don’t have, don’t plan to buy it from me! I recommend hitting up your local shop before the weekend. You can bring it to me and get it signed, and your local shop gets the business – win win.