Creator Spotlight 2024 – CIAN TORMEY

Cian – I can’t believe it’s been six months since we met at New York Comic Con! Although I just checked my collection and sure enough you’ve published a couple of hundred amazing pages since then! How do you manage to be so productive, while keeping your standards so high? Do you just have an incredible work ethic?

Oh man, what a 6 months its been, too!

Yikes, rollercoaster stuff – I can fill you in more when I see you, which I am looking forward to happening in a couple of days!

And nothing defines a work ethic like a series of barabaric deadlines, that’s the only reason anything gets done đŸ˜€


Have you always been a comics fan? What are your fondest memories from your own collection?

My childhood was defined by Marvel comics and fantasy books, though I grew out of reading comics around the age of 15.

I wouldn’t come back to reading comics until about my late twenties, though my relationship with them had changed – i no longer read them for the characters, but for the creartors. I realised there were people behind the stories I had loved, and it became more about story telling than about following adventures, and that’s how I feel my relationship with comics is defined now.