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introducing dream team portsmouth – our cosplay partners for 2024!

Dream Team Portsmouth are the 2024 Portsmouth Comic Con Cosplay partners!

Bringing your favourite characters to life. Supporters of anti-bullying, celebrating inclusivity.

“Dream Team Portsmouth are incredible to work with and their support for everything they do both in advance of Portsmouth Comic and on the weekend itself is irreplaceable. They run the Cosplay parade without fault and its always extremely emotional to see the opportunities they provide for everyone aged 3-100+ with allowing them to show off their cosplay creations to a fantastic audience sat on the Guildhall Steps. Portsmouth Comic Con wouldn’t be the same without them” – Curt, Events Producer The Guildhall Trust.

meet the dream team

Princess and the Sea

Amie entered the Cosplay world as Princess Belle to cheer up kids in lockdown and share a love of reading. Inspired by the amazing community and characters who know the power of kindness she is expanding her repertoire and wants to encourage children to believe in their own magic and power.

Faelight Cosplay

Lucy has been cosplaying for 7 years now, after her first comic con drew her in. She loves the empowering feeling that comes with cosplaying strong female characters and has a particular soft spot for fantasy-themed cosplays. She loves working with Dream Team Portsmouth to spread smiles and positivity.

Photo Credit: SHILLphotography


I'm Olly, I'm 26. I've been building costumes and costume parts for 3 years and attending conventions for at least 7 years. Though I don't have a variety of costumes, my taste in pop culture is the opposite.


Kat started out by making Marvel’s Black Cat when deciding on what to wear for her first comic con. Later, she formed many cosplays including characters from Star Wars, DC and Marvel. Rey, Leia, Scarlet Witch, Mighty Thor, Black Canary, Killer Frost and Black Cat make up her current portfolio of characters.

Photo Credit: Nigel Wallace-Iles


Rob has been cosplaying for 6 years. He started of as TK-831 Imperial Stormtrooper and has since then added to his cosplays, portraying Kylo Ren, original Thor, Arrow, and Thor from Love and Thunder. He currently has a few works in progress so you will be seeing at least 2 more characters added to this list.

Photo Credit: Nigel Wallace-Iles


Fay has been costuming for nearly 10 years. Princess Leia was her first, followed by Sabine Wren. Since then she's had fun as Harley, Joker, Blackcat and other characters. She enjoys sharing a passion and time with like minded friends while making people smile. Fay plans to cosplay Nezuko from Demon Slayer at this year’s Portsmouth Comic Con.


Aka Paul in his own amazing Iron Man suit.

elmo spike

Courtney started out as an artist frequenting conventions in the 2010s and quickly became involved in the cosplay communities surrounding these events. She has now been cosplaying for around 8 years and continues to create artwork in her spare time. Courtney found that cosplaying was a great way to get out from behind the table at conventions and really become involved with others who share the same love and passion for pop culture as her.


I am Gary. I have been cosplaying for 4 years. I enjoy upgrading costumes that I have bought, to make them different from other cosplayers.