At this year’s Portsmouth Comic Con on Saturday 11th – Sunday 12th May, we are so excited to welcome two incredible acting talents of British cinema and the iconic fantasy franchise Doctor Who – PAUL MCGANN and SYLVESTER MCCOY!!!

Viewers would best know Paul McGann for his portrayal of the Eighth incarnation of the Doctor in the 1996 television film from the iconic British franchise Doctor Who. He was later back to reprise his role in a mini-episode in 2013, as well as the 2022 special “The Power of the Doctor” and a number of audio plays for BBC Radio 7. Some of his other acting achievements include his breakthrough part of Percy Toplis in the BBC production The Monocled Mutineer, and his portrayal of William Bush in Hornblowers. Throughout the years, he has also done a lot of voice work not only for for Doctor Who projects, but also other audio books, video games and podcasts, including the popular podcast series A short history of….

Sylvester McCoy is another Doctor Who legend, with his depiction of the Seventh Doctor in the late 80s, taking over the mantle from another previous Portsmouth Comic Con guest – Colin Baker. Sylvester McCoy returned to the role multiple times, including for the 2022 special “The Power of the Doctor” and the series Tales of the TARDIS. His amazing career portfolio expands over The Hobbit trilogy with his role of Radagast the Brown, Mr. Dowling in The History of Tom Jones: A Foundling, and multiple theatre performances over the years.

The celebrations for Doctor Who continue in full speed at Portsmouth Comic Con 2024! Don’t miss out!