When the punks get steamy

I’f you’ve made the pilgrimage to any leading UK comic con before, you’ve no doubt interacted or at least witnessed one of the UK pop-culture scene’s fastest growing sub culture: SteamPunk. Like with any gathering of like minded individuals, people don’t just become friends, many become life long partners brought together by a shared passion for the culture. We had the chance to meet two steampunks who recently tied the knot in classic steampunk style!

What drew you to Steampunk Culture and who/ what were your biggest influences and inspirations? 


Kim’s brother is a member of the GSS so he is responsible for our first introduction to Steampunk, we’re drawn to steampunk because the style combines traditional formal wear with a fun fantasy twist. One of things we love is putting together your own unique outfit, its a nice way of expressing your own taste and style.


Did you meet because of your mutual interest in Steampunk or is this something you discovered together? 


We discovered steampunk together, we were both aware of it before we were together but only got involved more recently



When did you decide to have Steampunk culture included as part of your wedding? 


Immediately after getting engaged Kim suggested a steampunk theme to the wedding and we straight away agreed it would be a great way to make our wedding a bit out of the ordinary.


Has your son shown any early signs that he will adopt the Steampunk Culture?


Oh yes, he loved his page boy outfit, proudly saying ‘I look very smart’


During lockdown other than your wedding how else have you celebrated Steampunk Culture?


Honestly we haven’t had the time or opportunity, we’re both full time key workers and lockdown has been a really busy time for us.



How do you feel The Gosport Steampunk Society being at Portsmouth Comic Con mutually benefits both Comic Con goers and Steampunk Culture? 


When we told aquantances about our wedding plans we were often asked ‘what’s steampunk?’ Comic Con is an excellent opportunity to introduce people to steampunk for the first time. 


Other than the Steampunk Deck at Portsmouth Comic Con what else are you excited for at the show on 1st and 2nd May 2021? (i.e. Cosplay, Gaming Zones, Virtual Reality, Artist Alley, Celebs, Merch etc) 


Comic Con is great fun we look forward to browsing the merch, seeing all the amazing cosplay and displays. Most of all we love the atmosphere and sharing the joy of a fun day out with a like minded crowd of people.