Trader List

We have a huge variety of traders at this year's Portsmouth Comic Con
- from art to merchandise to cupcakes - there's something for all of our visitors to enjoy!

Take a look below for our list of traders - list is subject to change.


Comic City 1

Global Collectables
Markosia Enterprises Ltd/Soaring Penguin
S & L Electronics 
Jimmy’s Dropshop
Jay Martin/ Reckless Hero
Time Bomb Comics
Lushious Studios
Lost Monkey
Kult Creations
Russell Olson
Alan Wells Fantasy Art
Focus Toys
Susan Weeks & Sarah Peard 
Pixel Gamer Girl
Comicbook XS
Tweaked & Twisted
RNG Comics
Props &
Biohazard Candy
Benjamin Nunn
Galactic Comics Limited
Stevie Hunt
Creations of Curiosity 
The Victorian Geeks

Comic City 2

Charmed Morningstar 
From Dusk Till Shawn
Martin Bartley
Mo Bartley  
Ivy Moon 
Mr Kevin Russell 
London Horror Comic
Victoria Burbage
The Empire of Nonsense
Aiséirí Publishing, Willow Woods
Void Number Six

Comic City 3 

Big Screen Collectables 
Katu/ Daisoku 
Nomi Rana 
Jada Sinclaie

Comic City 4

Drakus Ltd
Bowman Boardgames and Miniatures
Kantan Living Ltd
The Future Market
Movie Mania
Slab City Comics LTD 
Viridian Birch
Accent UK
Flammable Penguins
Sam Froelich- Art Magee
Sonner Toys
'Mystery Guides'
Dotty Doris Treasures
Rhiannon Kagoe


Comic City B

Simon Moore
Studio Gremlin
Bradley Redman 
Stagman Creations

The Comic Village 

Resurrection Comics
My comic heroes
Kew’s Emporium
Portsmouth Pokémon League
David Cartwright - Author/Writer
Brambledown designs
Galactic Attic
What If Stories
Big Pictures 
Abigail Pembroke
Bryony Drew & JJ Scott Illustration
Peter Clinton Art
Hellbound Media
Kitsus Creation
The Inheretic
Zookie Cartoons
Warwick Cadwell
Mhyland Artwork
Mad Robot Comics
The Custom Cupcake Company
PhaseChan Art 
Timekeeper's Emporium
Iron Dynasty Comics
Spike Zephaniah
All The Cool Stuff
Christine Torres
Alan Langford
Wistmans Art
Verdiris Animation
Jay Dance
Funky Spaceport
FutureQuake Press
Room 237
Beads of Time
Charlotte Grange Art
Jelowe Art
Geek is Chic
Seekers Create