Celebrity & Cosplay Guests

We will be bringing you a world of superhero characters and some of the best cosplayers around, alongside stars of the screen. 

Celebrity Guests

Pam Rose

Star Wars Episode VI 

Madeline Smith

Saturday Only

James Bond
Up Pompeii
The Vampire Lovers

Brian Wheeler

Star Wars Episode VI 
Never Ending Story 
Harry Potter

Michael Henbury

Sunday Only

Star Wars
Harry Potter

David Bulbeck

Muppets Christmas Carol 
Who framed Roger Rabbit

Marc Silk

Scooby Doo
Star Wars
Johnny Bravo

Gary Pollard

Red Dwarf 
Harry Potter 
Never Ending Story


Faelight Cosplay

From West Sussex, Lucy has been cosplaying for 5 years and enjoys embracing nerdy culture and feeling confident playing strong, female characters for the day.

Kingswood Cosplay

Amy has been cosplaying for about 6 years and loves making cosplays and bringing all sorts of characters to life.
Image Credit: Photo Shill Photography

Princess and the Sea

Amie has a passion for reading which she shares, encourages and celebrates by bringing to life Princess Belle and incorporates empowering messages in her appearances to bring out the magic and self-belief within.

Elmo Spike

Cosplay chameleon, Courtney Jo, has taken Instagram by storm with her Bernadette (The Big Bang Theory) cosplay! No matter the character, Courtney Jo brings it to life in an amazing way.

TND Ironman

Aka Paul in his own amazing Iron Man suit.

TJC Cosplays

Toby is a cisgendered male, most known for cosplaying endless versions of Harley Quinn. Toby has been cosplaying for 4 years, is an influencer for DC Comics and admin of a safe haven group called TJC CommUnity.

Cosplay Guests

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