Alan Longmore Art

Alan Longmore is a full time professional artist. As well as producing work to sell, Alan teaches at his studio in Drayton, Portsmouth, and at Hobbycraft Havant. Being a keen modeller, Alan has competed in model shows for over 20 years, and has won many awards for his work in fantasy and historical categories.

Alan paints fantasy and science fiction art in various mediums such as; oils, acrylics, pastels, greyscale and ink. Sculpture is also a favourite topic, allowing him to tackle very intricate detail.

You can find on sale Sci-Fi and fantasy prints of Alan’s own work, both in colour and greyscale. Also there will be fantasy oil paintings and sculpted figures, both on sale and on display. Alan will also be displaying his War Hammer 30mm scale, for the younger people attending, some of which he has won awards for.