The Etherington Brothers

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The Etherington Brothers are the creators of the UK’s most successful comics Kickstarter of ALL TIME, How to THINK when you DRAW, which raised a record-breaking quarter of a million pounds ($340,000) in just 27 days.

They have produced comics, art and stories for Disney, Dreamworks, Aardman, the BBC, as well as many of the world’s leading book publishers.

They are the creators of numerous comic series including Long Gone Don, Von Doogan, Freaky and Fearless and Stranski.

The Etherington bros are passionate about sharing art and writing skills for FREE for EVERYONE online, and their How to THINK when you DRAW and WRITE tutorials are used every week by hundreds of thousands of artists, from absolute beginners, to seasoned professionals at the world’s biggest animation, film and games studios.

At Portsmouth Comic Con 2019 they will be bringing ALL their books, including many sold-out and hard-to-find titles…