Steve Englehart

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Arriving at Marvel Comics in the early 1970s, Steve Englehart worked for Roy Thomas on various secondary titles before co-creating the Defenders while also taking over the Avengers in 1972, where he immediately had an impact, his cutting edge storytelling elevating both titles.

Further fan-favourite series that followed were Doctor Strange and Master of Kung Fu, co-created with Jim Starlin. Englehart’s writing chimed with Marvel’s readership as well as critics, capturing the spirit of an age that differed considerably from the previous decade. His best work for Marvel was on Captain America, which focused on a conflicted Steve Rogers, who no longer understood his place in the America he was meant to represent. His key storylines included the resolution of the 1950s iteration of the character with continuity, along with Rogers creating a new persona for himself in the form of the Nomad.

His move to DC in the late 70s proved to be another high point for the writer, his eight issue run in Detective Comics a superbly noirish, retro work that both recalled and transcended the Golden Age Batman tales of Kane, Finger and Robinson. It was easily as crucial to the Batman canon as the Adams, Miller and Bolland versions. Like Thomas, Englehart was and remains a fan of the medium who went on to push it forward and is as celebrated a figure as his colleague.

Englehart has not been over to a UK convention in a very long time.

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