Panels 2019

Here you’ll find our timetable for a series of panels, hosted by some of the best and most experienced artists and writers in the comic industry. All panels are free to access for Comic Con ticket holders. See the locations of the Panel Rooms in the building here.

Panels: Saturday

Panel Room 1

Time Panel Panelists
11am Drawing Star Wars Tommy Lee Edwards, Russell Walks (Host: Leonard Sultana)
12pm Spotlight On Roy Thomas Host: Andrew Colman
1pm Spotlight On Steve Englehart Host: Joel Meadows
2pm Liam Sharp Talks Green Lantern Host: Olly MacNamee
3pm Spotlight On Kieron Gillen Host: Joel Meadows
4pm William Simpson Talks Game Of Thrones Host: Andrew Colman

Panel Room 2 – University Of Portsmouth Panels

Time Panel Panelists
11am Celebrating British Comics: Past, Present & Future John Caro, Van Norris, Emma Austin with special guest Andy Fanton (The Beano)
12pm Chills & Thrills: New Directions in Horror Emma Austin, Rebecca Janicker, Simon Hobbs & John Caro
1pm Who Watches the Watchers?: The Impact of Alan Moore on Comics & Culture Tom Sykes, John Caro, David Garland, Van Norris
2pm From Wonder Woman to Captain Marvel: Empowering Women in Comics & Film Jane Steventon, Elena Nikiforova, Coline Lejeune, Jean Marc Lofficier, Ceinwyn Yetton with special guest Alison Sampson (Hit Girl)
3pm Framing Firepower: Representations of War in Comics Tom Sykes, Olly Gruner, Louis Netter, John Caro, Dylan Pank
4pm UoP Star Wars Day Lincoln Geraghty, with students past & present from the University of Portsmouth (Coline Lejeune, Ceinwyn Yetton, James Lister)

Main Stage

Time Panel Panelists
11am Celebrating Stan Lee Roy Thomas, Steve Englehart & Jean-Marc Lofficier. (Host: Andrew Colman)

Panels: Sunday

Panel Room 1

Time Panel Panelists
11am 20 Years Of IDW with Dirk Wood & Scott Dunbier Host: Joel Meadows
12pm Master Of Comics Joel Meadows, Laurence Campbell, William Simpson & Sean Phillips. (Host: Olly Macnamee)
1pm Spotlight On Jamie Delano Host: Joel Meadows
2pm Spotlight On Tomm Coker Host: Leonard Sultana
3pm Spotlight On Tommy Lee Edwards Host: Joel Meadows
4pm Spotlight On: Liam Sharp Host: Joel Meadows

Panel Room 2


Time Panel Panelists
11am Sunday Vault Comics Ram V, Alex Paknadel & Martin Simmons (Host: Tara Ferguson)
12pm The Devil among Us: From Folklore to Hellboy Karl Bell, Eilis Phillips, Beatrice Ashton-Lelliott & Calum Kerr
1pm The Power of Pikachu: Pokémon as Global Gaming Phenomenon James Dennis, Lincoln Geraghty, Jane Chandler & Emma Seares
2pm Batman at 80: What Makes DC’s Dark Knight so popular? Van Norris, Emma Austin & John Caro
3pm Robots, Cyborgs & AI Technology: Imagining the Future in Science Fiction Media Jean Marc Lofficier, Trudy Barber, Katherine Pertersen, Dylan Pank, Calum Kerr
4pm UoP Marvel’s Endgame Student Panel: Who Survived to Phase 4? Van Norris, w/ students past & present from the University of Portsmouth (Coline Lejeune, Ceinwyn Yetton, James Lister, Elena Nikiforova)

Panel Room 3

Time Panel Panelists
1pm Writing America Matt Fitch & Chris Baker. (Host: Alex Fitch)
3pm The Independent Spirit Ram V, Alison Sampson and Alex Paknadel. (Host: Joe Illidge)

Main Stage

Time Panel Panelists
11am Image Comics Declan Shalvey, Tomm Coker & Sean Phillips