Spotlight On Portsmouth Comic Con: Philip Bond

Philip Bond began his professional career on Atomtan, an independent magazine that he published with Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin. This led to to him working for 2000AD and then a long stint on Deadline

He took a break from drawing for a number of years and returned to it in 2009 with series Red Herring for Wildstorm. He talked about this in an interview with iFanboy: “I spent the last few years as a stay-at-home dad reticent to commit to a big project. I did try to keep things moving with my work on Dark Horse’s ‘The Escapists‘ but I couldn’t keep up and had to leave after only the first issue. Really pretty much my only regular work for a couple of years there was the covers for Vertigo’s Exterminators. Finally the kid’s in school so I have time to immerse myself in a creator-owned book.” iFanboy Philip Bond interview

Back in 2012, he decided to turn his hand to drawing female astronauts to push himself as an artist:”Working for months at a time just penciling a comic book I started these portraits to get a bit of inking and colouring out of my system. I shouldn’t say ‘portraits’, I’m not going for much of a likeness. Usually I’ll glance at a couple of photographs and then go off and draw a vague impression. Margaret Seddon is blonde, Judith Resnik is a bit barmy looking, that sort of thing.”

As part of the seminal Deadline magazine he created Wired WorldHot Triggers and the saucy Dogmeat. He has since drawn Kill Your Boyfriend, The Invisibles, Vimanarama for Vertigo and currently Cud: Rich & Strange for the Black Crown Quarterly. His unique style has given him a worldwide following for his art.

He is the publication designer and “general dogsbody” for IDW’s Bond-powered curation operation, Black Crown. Philip lives with his editor/wife, fellow Portsmouth guest Shelly Bond, and son in Los Angeles. He is a regular visitor to the UK as he still has family over here but it has been a few years since he was a guest at a UK show.