Spotlight On Portsmouth Comic Con: Gene Ha

Gene Ha began his tenure as a comic artist on The Adventures Of Cyclops and Phoenix for Marvel in the mid-1990s. After working on various series for DC, such as JLA and Superman as well as for other publishers, Ha pencilled a title for Alan Moore’s acclaimed imprint America’s Best Comics, Top Ten. 

For the artist, working with Alan Moore was one of his most memorable points in his career as he recalled in an interview he did on monomythic just last year:”“He is literally the fastest creative mind I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve worked with some really creative minds. When I’m having a conversation with him and he throws out ideas, I can’t keep up. He’ll literally leave me in the dust.” Monomythic Gene Ha interview

Here his off-kilter, brash style was brought to the fore, which was again used to great effect in Wildstorm’s The Authority. Recently he has continued to work primarily at DC on Green Lantern, Shade and Phantom Stranger. Ha has won the prestigious Eisner award four times, his high quality work instantly recognizable to all comic fans.

Most recently, he has been working on his creator-owned series Mae, which was funded through Kickstarter but was then picked up for publication by Dark Horse. It is now coming out in a single volume from Lion Forge this June.

Mae was a comic written and drawn by Ha and his ambitions for the comic were fairly straightforward as he pointed out in an interview with newsarama back in 2015:”My professional goal has remained the same throughout my career: give readers the same thrills and inspiration that Matt Wagner’s Mage gave me in high school. Mae is my best shot at that goal…It’s funny, but the older I get the more I want to tell comics stories. I stay fit so I can live a longer life and draw more pages. I crave more time at the drawing table as the years go by. When I get to tell my own stories my way I absolutely love this job.” Newsarama Gene Ha interview

Gene Ha’s style has garnered him a faithful worldwide following and he is another very strong addition to Portsmouth thanks to his unique vision and his long career. He has visited the UK before but not for a few years.

Gene Ha Portsmouth Spotlight