New York Comic Con – The Honest Review

Last week, two of our Comic Con producers, Curt and Nick travelled to New York Comic Con, partly to see how they do things over the pond, but mainly to meet Tom Hiddleston. They didn’t. But you can still read about their adventures in 7 questions: 

What was the best thing to see/do at NYCC19? 

They say size doesn’t always matter but at New York Comic con it definitely does, with an area 25 times the size of Portsmouth Guildhall and over 140,000 attendees, NYCC19 is now the biggest comic con in the world by attendance. The size completely blew us away, our sore feet and steaming Fitbits reminded us we still hadn’t seen everything at the end of the first day.   

New York Comic Con 2019

How would you summarise your experience overall?  

We found NYCC19 to be very intense with the sheer volume of people attending to celebrate comic and pop culture. This was boosted by huge sponsorship with some of the world’s biggest producers of film and TV. 

One element we felt NYCC19 was missing was a community spirit which is something we pride ourselves in at Portsmouth Comic Con whereas NYCC is very commercial. 

Were there any key takeaways from #NYCC19 that you would love to introduce to #PCC20? 

The celebrities, the diversity of the panels, the excellent Cosplay format, the New York pizza and getting to meet a real-life Peter Griffin 

What (if any) were the downsides to NYCC19?  

The constant queuing and lack of time to see everything NYCC19 had to offer.  

What was the best Cosplayer you saw? 

Nick:  Thanos and the overweight Thor  

Curt: Despite having tea thrown over me as he ran past shouting “fat guy coming through” it has to be Peter Griffin.  

Who was the best guest/illustrator/trader that you managed to see?  

We met a vast number of comic artists, some of which we have persuaded to attend Portsmouth Comic Con, watch this space!  

Out of ten, what’s your verdict?   

7 out of 10, NYCC19 is fantastic but it lacks a community aspect which we hold deeply in our hearts at Portsmouth Comic Con. Being the big kids we are we would like to have seen more interactive exhibitions without having to queue for up to 4 hours. Its huge size was intimidating but an experience we will never forget.  

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Curt and Nick will be there so you can rib them for their awful interviewing skills.