Walter Simonson

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Walter Simonson began his career in the early 1970s at DC Comics. He first got noticed thanks to his work on the company’s Manhunter, which ran in their flagship book Detective Comics with writer Archie Goodwin. His profile increased when he became writer-artist on Marvel’s Thor in 1983, which propelled him to comics superstardom.

Over his career, he has drawn many of the most iconic superhero characters from both Marvel and DC, including the Fantastic Four, Batman, and Superman. He is also known as a creator who is attracted to the more fantastical subjects; he has drawn Michael Moorcock’s Elric in the comic series The Making of a Sorcerer. Over the last few years, he has returned to the Norse gods, a subject very close to his heart, in his series Ragnarok, published by IDW.

Portsmouth marks the first time he has been to the UK in a decade.

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