Andrew Wildman

Quick Jump:.

Andrew Wildman has worked as an artist in Comics, Video Games, TV and Film for some thirty years. His comic book work includes Transformers, GI Joe, The X-Men, Spider-Man and Venom.

Andrew recently published his own Graphic Novel, HORIZON. Written and drawn by Andrew it is the culmination of thirty years of experience as an illustrator and contains elements of his participation and training in Personal Development and Life Coaching. Described by BBC Arts Editor Will Gompertz as; ‘An intriguing book that tells a great fstory in four wonderful dimensions: words, pictures, speech and space.’ And by comics legend, Dave Gibbons as; ‘A fascinating and thrilling journey through the psyche, simultaneously thoughtful and kinetic.’

TV work includes Production Design and Storyboarding for animated TV shows; Legend of The Dragon, The Matt Hatter Chronicles and the BBC pre-school show, Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave. Andrew has also provided storyboards for a number of live action shows such as Doctor Who, Luther and The Alienist.

This year sees the launch of his animated pre-school show, Shane the Chef on Channel5’s ‘Milkshake’. He continues to work as a storyboard artist in both Film and Television and deliver lectures at Schools and Universities.

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