Tiny Tigress Cosplay

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Tiny Tigress cosplay is a cosplayer based in Scotland, with her main cosplay interests being characters from comic books and video games.

She is mostly known for her Elektra and Psylocke cosplays, but has cosplayed a number of characters. She is a massive Marvel and Nintendo fan, and as well as regularly collecting comics and playing games, writes for various comics and games websites with news, interviews and articles. She is also a 3rd degree blackbelt in Aikido, as well as training in other martial arts such as Judo and Brazilian Ju Jitsu, so loves to cosplay strong characters that can incorporate that.

Tiny got into cosplaying a few years ago when she made a Link costume, which was her first handmade outfit, for the Zelda Symphonic concert in London. Since they she found she got addicted to making costumes and has a never-ending list of cosplays to finish.

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