FAF: Mega-Drop interview with Malú Santamaría-Benavente

Has the city of Portsmouth impacted your work?

Yes, very much so, as I based my work on a project I did for St James’ hospital during my BA illustration at UoP.

What attracted you to illustration?

The enjoyment of creating a visual image with different tools, ie. pencils, marker pens, sewing machine, screen printing, and so on.

Whose work do you find inspiring/ influential?

To be honest I pick and mix who inspires me. I look at different artists (modern and contemporary), and apply certain techniques, methods, colour pallet they have used and come up with my own design!

What has impacted your methodology/ approach to making art?

The fact that I can combine traditional and modern methods: I draw my images which are digitised to be machine embroidered or printed.

What’s your latest project?

At the moment I am creating a collection of garments, and soft furnishings items aimed to babies and toddlers. So watch this space!!

How would you describe your work?

Mostly based on illustration of animals which can be either very realistic or very cartoon like. Once I am happy with the illustration I then use it to make garments or soft furnishings. I also could say that my works 80% traditional and 20% modern.

I particularly enjoy using coloured pencils, marker pens, or both combined on a drawing pad. Which then are scanned and digitized in order to be embroidered or printed. I am yet to draw something on Photoshop or Illustrator directly, that’s on my bucket list!!

If you could collaborate with any artist, historical or contemporary, who?

Lauren Child, writer and illustrator of Charlie and Lola. As we both like to incorporate textiles in our illustrations.

Describe the work your dropping around Portsmouth

My work is a copy of my very first screen print commission work. Images were based on my BA illustration final project which was farm animals images design for children. Both images are A3

Do you have any upcoming projects you’d like to mention?

Hopefully my own line store in Etsy

Where can your work be found?

Mostly on Instagram @littledreamz1 and Facebook little dreamz