Dice Board Gaming Zone

    left arrow Hundreds of games to play – even bigger than last year!

Take names and play games with Dice at Portsmouth Comic Con 2019!

Dice Portsmouth’s presence at last year’s Portsmouth Comic Con (and of course Guildhall Games Fest) was so popular that this time around we decided to give them their very own Dice Board Gaming Zone inside Portsmouth Guildhall, with an even bigger selection of games available to challenge your fellow con-attendees with!

Dice have been whipping-up a storm on Albert Road with their new Board Gaming Café, and we are excited for them to bring a taste of that to Portsmouth Comic Con 2019, with dedicated staff members on hand to teach and assist you in playing a collection of HUNDREDS of games. You will be able to play the classics you grew up with to current phenomena including King of Tokyo, Dead of Winter, Takenoko, Exploding Kittens, Colt Express, Coup and more!

The Dice Board Gaming Zone will be located in Portsmouth Guildhall’s “Portsmouth Room” on the First Floor. For those of you that went to Portsmouth Comic Con 2018, that’s where the Immersive Tech Zone was, and for those of you wondering what the means for the Immersive Tech Zone, hold up for an exciting announcement very soon!

  • Dice at Guildhall Games Fest 2019

  • Dice at Portsmouth Comic Con 2018

  • Dice at Guildhall Games Fest 2019