Dann Thomas

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Dann Thomas is a comic book writer, as well as the wife and collaborator of comic book writer and editor Roy Thomas.

Dann Thomas’ earliest comic book credit appears on “The Sea of No Return” (credited as “Adapted from a story by Danette Couto”) in Savage Sword of Conan #66 (July 1981). Her husband credits her with the original idea for Arak: Son of Thunder, noting, “Dann had this idea: What if a Native American had discovered Europe?”

Dann Thomas co-wrote Wonder Woman #300 (Feb. 1983) and, as Roy Thomas noted in 1999 “became the first woman ever to receive scripting credit on the world’s foremost super-heroine.”

She also collaborated with her husband on All-Star Squadron, the Crimson Avenger miniseries and Avengers West Coast. Dann Thomas’ last new comic book writing appeared in Cadillacs and Dinosaurs #9 (Nov. 1994), published by Topps Comics. The superheroine Firebrand of the All-Star Squadron takes her civilian name, Danette Reilly, from Dann Thomas.

Dann Thomas co-wrote later issues of All-Star Squadron, subsequent to the introduction of Firebrand. Another character based upon Dann Thomas is a woman named Danette who appeared in the story “What If Conan the Barbarian Walked the Earth Today?” published in What If? #13 (Feb. 1979).

Source: womenincomics.fandom.com