Archie vs. Predator (2015) (Archie comics/ Dark Horse comics)

Now, when you think of Archie comics what pops to mind? Americana? Warm apple pie? The Riverdale TV show perhaps? How about the Predator? No?… this is awkward.

Let’s get the elephant in the room out right away – this is no way will feature Chris Hanson or Dateline NBC, sorry folks. This story focuses on a big-time hunter predator who decides for whatever reason that our boy Archie Andrews is worthy prey and starts to plough through the high school students of Riverdale High.

If you do track down this comic run and want more – you’re in luck! In 2019 “Archie vs. Predator 2” hit the comic buying public.

Archie meets The Punisher (1994) (Archie comics/ Marvel)

We’re still in Riverdale folks – and now Marvel’s the Punisher is coming to town, Oh Boy!

So, here’s the lowdown, there’s a dastardly criminal on the loose – someone pretty awful because you have The Punisher after them, and he rarely deals with jay-walking or insurance fraudsters (turns out that something awful is a drug smuggler, probably a little safer than say, the Scorpion cutting loose on Riverdale but I’ll take it). This time The Punisher is requested by the U.S government to capture the drug smuggler “Red” and take him into custody. But here’s the kicker – “Red” is the spitting image of everyone’s favourite all-American boy Archie! The story becomes a comedy of errors involving mistaken identity from both the drug smuggler’s former allies and The Punisher. This writer for one, highly suggests that you give this one a look for the nuttiness of it alone.

This odd ball crossover proved to be fairly successful, many thought it was a joke when it was announced, but it just goes to show that almost anyone will stay and watch something that is this absurd of a concept.

Ironman and X-O Manowar in Heavy Metal (1996) (Marvel/ Valiant comics)

This is a bit of a special case, this crossover wasn’t held in the realm of comics, instead they chose the venue of video games to hold this ‘special’ event. Releasing on all modern consoles of the day, but we’ll focus on the Sega Saturn and PlayStation versions. The plot here is pretty by the numbers: Ironman Villains and the baddies from X-O Manowar are causing general chaos and the player as either Tony Stark or Donovan Wylie must take them down in a 2D side scroller – Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about checking this one out, but it’s super weird and kind of quirky and that’s why it’s made it here.

DC/ Looney Tunes (2017) (DC/ Warner Bros.)

This crossover makes a certain level of marketing sense – the DC comics brand and the Looney Tunes are both owned by Warner Bros. and both sport an incredible amount of cultural currency among almost all age groups, from little Timmy to Grandma – there’s going to be someone they recognise.

This crossover teamed up the vast DC catalogue of heroes with the loony tunes. which I know is obvious by the title, but when reading the titles of the these books, really hammers home how nutso the idea is in application: The Joker/ Daffy Duck, Batman/ Elmer Fudd, Wonder Woman/ Tasmanian Devil and one of my favourite ideas ever to be made, Lex Luthor/ Porky Pig.

Since this crossover happened in the realm of the printed page the style is decidedly DC, which does mean, a lot of the time, there is a design clash with characters, this, in all honesty, isn’t a negative – you want to be reminded of the insane premise on every page. I wont spoil the plots in this article, but I for one, say go track this down.

This image has kept me awake since 2017, and now you need to see it as well.

STAR TREK/ XMEN (1990-1998) (CBS/ Marvel)

Back in the mysterious year of 1990, two franchises are riding high – in one corner the newly revitalised X-men, hot off the heels of the artist boom of the late 80’s, for many, the comic that put now Editor-in-chief at DC Jim Lee on the map. And in our other corner, Star Trek: The Next Generation – one of the most influential television series of all time.

A match made in marketing heaven? It’s not completely bonkers (well it is, but humour me) the X-men have made the journey into the final frontier more than once, and the idea of genetic mutation is common place among the worlds of Star trek.

The second of the Star Trek/ X-men crossovers is boldly named “Planet X”, which honestly tells you all you need to know – the crew of the USS Enterprise come across a new alien planet called “Xhaldia”. The inhabitants of this planet have been experiencing strange mutations, turning into creatures with extraordinary powers (sound familiar?). whilst on this mission, which surely will result in the breaking of the Prime Directive at least once or twice – they are visited by a group of fantastic strangers from another reality! (Spoilers it’s the X-men)

If you know of anymore forgotten crossovers: we want to know!