6 Films To Get You In The Halloween Mood


So it’s safe to say that Halloween will be slightly different this year. In lieu of the ability to rock your best costume, or your best civvie clothes, we thought what could be better than to snuggle down with a top-notch film. With that in mind, let us share with you some of our favourite films to watch around this extra spooky time of year.  



Reviewed as the ‘antidote to superhero fatigue’, Brightburn, while falling short of the wonder of the source material, does scratch some kind of itch. Especially considering the gore and the outright creepiness that is emanated from Brandon’s character throughout the film. 10/10 would do a runner.

You can watch Brightburn on Netflix as part of your subscription.



Ridley Scott’s wonderful and seminal film is a classic and to be honest, we’d watch it any time of the year. Join kick-ass Ripley who will always be everyone’s favourite alien hunter, as she rewrites the protocol of what to do when you find an apex predator aboard your ship. Plus, why miss out on the chance to see Ian Holme do his thing as the android Ash.

Alien is available to rent, watch or buy it on Amazon Prime.

The Witches


Before you say anything, we know… the reviews for this Roald Dhal remake are not exactly glowing. However, we can’t turn down the opportunity to revisit the glory of wandering down a spooky memory lane. Whether you choose to watch the new film, or the OG, we highly encourage a viewing this Halloween.

You can watch The Witches on Sky Store, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play and Virgin Media.

Sleepy Hollow


Greyscale colouring, Christina Ricci, Johnny Depp – yep, it can only mean one thing. Tim Burton is in the building. Offering everything that your overly colourful life might be craving – glum looking faces, gory back stories, people with huge eyes – Sleepy Hollow is guaranteed to delight this Halloween.

Sleepy Hollow is available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime.



Known as the only film where the post-production team didn’t have to edit out Tilda Swintons angel wings (see image), Constantine is yet another fantastic example of the darker side of being a hero. Fighting to earn his way into Heaven, follow Keanu Reeves as John Constantine, whose job includes knuckle duster-ing demons, smoking and taking day trips to hell. Highly recommended viewing.

Constantine is on Amazon Prime for free if you have a subscription.



Wesley Snipes walked so the Captain America’s of today could run. The success of Blade began Marvel's film success and set the stage for further comic book film adaptations - despite the problems between Marvel and the co-creator Marv Wolfman. Follow the first in the collection of Blade films as we are introduced to everyone's favourite day walker.

Blade is on Amazon Prime to rent or buy.

Did We Miss Any?

Any on the list that we are missing out on? Tell us your favourite Halloween classics on our socials.

What are your plans this Halloween? Whether you are hunkering down with a great film, or heading out and about to celebrate, stay safe and have a great time!