Funky Space Port

Funky Space Port is an electrostatic, intergalactic wonder. Crime-solving dinosaurs, Kung Fu Fluffballs and french pirate hamsters, all living in a world spawned from 80’s cartoons, creature features, motion picture extravaganzas, music and the occasional psychotic hallucination. Funky Spaceport’s founder Daniel can usually be found in various British conventions, and had the honour of San Diego Comic Con.

Pure Of Heart

Pure Of Heart is a comic about werewolves, royal intrigue, and a paranormal romance gone wrong! In the first chapter, Blood Lines, Penelope inadvertently marries into a werewolf royal family, much to the chagrin of the king. Princess Alexandra couldn’t be happier though. Pro tip: Don’t mess with werewolves. Especially rich and powerful werewolves.